when i was a kid


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Recorded in Los Angeles, CA in 2018.


(guitar intro)

When I was a kid I believed the world was made for me,
Raised to think that I could achieve anything,
When I was a kid I thought I'd someday dunk,
But I'm just a short Jew who grew to dabble in the funk,
When I was a kid I was my truest self,
Then society bound me up and I've been stuck in this shell.
When I was a kid I prayed that it would all improve,
But shit won't change until you wake up and start making moves,
Start making moves, but I haven't a clue,
I'm just a little fish in the deep ocean blue,
When I was a kid my mommy told me I was special,
but just like everyone else I got demons that I wrestle with,
dreams that I pencil in, feeling fenced in with these battles that I gotta win. When I was a kid I prayed that it would all start making sense. But life got complexly intense for your simple boy.

If it was up to me, we would never age at all.

When I started high school we read Catcher in the Rye,
I sympathized with Holden, he helped me realize,
that I can't go back to my childhood innocence.
Gotta face the fact adulting is imminent.
In 12th grade, we read Camus' the plague,
it said life has no meaning, meanings what you make,
suddenly I understood this is not a rehearsal,
and time is trippy how there is no reversal.
When I finished college, I felt down and unaccomplished,
I couldn't find my purpose, and I couldn't keep my promise,
Let's be honest, I can't sit my ass down in a cubicle,
with a suit and tie? Fuck that man, that's not musical.
Ay, I need to breath for a moment,
I need to turn inside out. I d-don't need to be told shit.
If it was up to me, is it up to me?

If it was up to me, we would never change at all, if it was up to me.


released December 23, 2018
Music and lyrics by Yoni Arbel and Jon Gk.

Guitar and Raps- Yoni Arbel
Drums- Mekala Session
Bass- Sean Alexander
Violin and Vocals- Jon Gk

Engineered by Danny Golliger
Mixed by Jesse Paller


all rights reserved



Yoni Arbel Los Angeles, California

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