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Elijah the Prophet (Kiparayo)

by Yoni Arbel & Jon GK

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Eliyahu Hanavi
Came to my door last night.
He was dressed like a homeless veteran with a knapsack and a crack pipe.
He requested a cup of Manischewitz
And chicken soup to warm his bones
He said that he needed my recipes
Because the cooking reminded him of home.
He confirmed that our threats are indeed existential
The status quo is indeed detrimental,
We are indeed in a time of upheaval
And he’s lost the hearts and minds of the people
Eliyahu hanavi, my man knows how to keep it real,
So can you spill me the spiel? What is my deal?
He told me that
The energy’s electrical like Pikachu.

Kiparayo, kiparayo and we’re still going strong.

Ani kashur leshorashim sheli, pagashti giburim ishit, yarashti kol haminhagim vemusagim vechafatzim, chashashti sheyesh mashehu meshuneh bebalagan haze. Shoalim ha’im ani poched, lehhhh. Ani lo mefached misin’ah, lo mefached miklallah, rak me’unyan beyeda, ve’ehnai merukazot al hamatara. Ani mitkadem bechipazon, ve’ani lo mitbayesh mikishalon. Hakoach oleh vehasafek yored. Lefichach ani lo mefached.

אני קשור לשורשים שלי,/ /I'm connected to my roots
פגשתי גיבורים אישית, / /Met heroes personally
ירשתי כל המנהגים ומושגים וחפצים , //Inherited their customs, ideas, objects
חששתי שיש משהו משונה בבלגן הזה, I sense there's something strange in this mess
שואלים האם אני פוחד, לההה They ask if I'm scared/ /, naahh
אני לא מפחד מדחיה! לא מפחד משנאה! I'm not afraid of rejection! Not afraid of hate!//
לא מפחד מכללה! רק מעוניין בידע Not afraid of a curse. [I'm] only interested in knowledge
ועיניי מרוכזות על המטרה. And my eyes are focused on the goal
אני מתקדם בחפזון, I progress with haste
ואני לא מתבייש מכישלון, Not embarrassed by failure
הכוח עולה, והספק יורד, My strength rises, doubt declines
לפיכך אני לא מפחד, Therefore I am not afraid
אנרגיה חשמלית כפיקצ׳ו And the energy's electrical like Pikachu

Eliyahu Hanavi
Sat in the seat that I saved for him.
We all stand when he walks in the room, but
I’m never prepared cuz he only rolls through on whim.
He’s a holy man, guest of honor,
No doubt a lamed vavnick.
Bought a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka
Knocking shots with these Chabadniks singing
We want Mashiach now! We want Mashiach Now!
We want Mashiach now! Quiet down, quiet down
Look around
Eliyahu hanavi departed and nobody noticed it
Everyone soon started arguing all disregarding the obvious point of it.
We all heard his words in a whole different way.
All disappointed that he couldn’t stay.
We’ll never agree but one thing remains:

Yeah the energy’s electrical like Pikachu.


released April 15, 2022
Yoni Arbel- vocals, guitar
Jon GK- vocals, violins
Mekala Session- drums, adlibs
Sean Alexander- Bass

Shachar Boussani- engineer, mixing, production
Greyson Zoom- production
Jonny Shorr- vocal engineer
Assaf Shay- mastering


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Yoni Arbel Los Angeles, California

YONI is an LA-based four-piece band that plays an eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz, and world music. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Yoni Arbel (guitar, saxophone, raps), the group also features Jon GK (violin, keys, vocals), Mekala Session (drums) and Sean Alexander (bass). Together, YONI strives to inspire, entertain, and ultimately build community through art. ... more

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